Should I advertise on Yell?


Should I advertise on Yell?

This was a question I was asked by a client yesterday. Now I have my own thoughts on the services offered by Yell and their new digital branch Hibu (None of them good.) but let’s break it down and see how it looks.

Should I place an ad in the books? (Doorstop)
Look at the books decrease in size over the past few years, many other businesses have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t work as well as it used to.

Why have so many businesses come to this conclusion?
You just have to look at the growth of Social Medias, why place an advert in a book, that in a year from now could be out of date with the services you offer. (I know the services I offer and the way I do my business are not the same as what I offered last year.)

So should I place my business in their online directory?
This in my opinion isn’t the right way to spend your advertising budget. Think of it like this. You’ve just invested your cash having a website built; it looks great, it’s up to date with your services and contact details. Your developer has it registered with the search engines and your keywords have you sitting in position number one on Google.

Yell calls you – You pay for an ad in there online service, you tell them your selected keywords and your target area. All of a sudden their website is sitting in position number one and you are in position two. Here is where the pain comes in…. When anyone clicks on yell’s link they’re taken to a page with not only your advert, but a full list of yourself and your closest competitors.

Should I have a Yell Website?
I’ve been building websites since 2006 and in that time I’ve lost a few clients to yell, but I’ve had just as many disgruntled clients come to me from them.

They tell you that your website will be “Tailored to the business” though if you search businesses in the same industry you will find the same content reworded. They tell you they will research your competitors, but as far as I can see, they copy the content and keywords from your competitors that use Yell websites. Its duplicate content and your website (and theirs) will suffer for it. At the time of publishing the websites they “show off” on their website aren’t with them anymore that tells its own story.

Writing your own reviews – says a lot about the company too >

Discuss below, what’s your experience with Yell?