Facebook marketing weekly review (July 4th 2014)

AP Logo weeklyWe would like to wish our American friends a very happy 4th of July. Although we can’t bring you fireworks per se, we are hoping that this week’s content will add a little sparkle to your Facebook marketing campaigns. We hope you ‘like’ it!

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#1 Performance Managing Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Author: Jason How, Jason HJH Social

Why read this article?

Marketing people love the famous saying – we know that half of advertising works, but we can’t tell you which half. Once you have a Facebook advertising campaign up and running knowing what to do next can be difficult. How do you know which ads are working? Find out how to performance manage your campaigns in this article.

What’s the PULSE on This?

  • Many people start advertising on Facebook without knowing how to sustain their efforts
  • Jason says you need to read your Ad Reports regularly if you want to know which ads are working
  • Accessing Ad Reports and analysing the metrics Jason highlights will help you to identify where ads are not performing
  • Doing this means you can concentrate your budget on the ads that are performing

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#2 How to get Partner Categories Outside the US

Author: Nicholas Grizzell for AgoraPulse

Why read this article?

Partner Categories is one of the powerful ad targeting tools that Facebook has made available in recent times. The trouble is that it’s not available to advertisers outside the US. That puts you at a distinct disadvantage if you want to target US consumers but are based overseas. Find out how to work around the problem.

What’s the PULSE on This?

  • If you are based outside the US or you are a US citizen travelling abroad you won’t get access to Partner Categories
  • The reason is that when you access Facebook, your IP address is picked up and Facebook can identify that you are outside the US – but we have a work-around to share with you
  • Using a VPN will let you access Partner Categories by picking up your IP address as though you were in the US
  • This now means that if you are travelling from the US abroad you can still advertise using Partner Categories and if you are based outside the states using a VPN will give you access to Partner Categories to target US consumers.

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#3 You CAN Edit Facebook Ads – Here’s How

Author: Jon Loomer, Jon Loomer Digital

Why read this article?

The inability to edit Facebook ads has long been a bugbear of advertisers. Small typos meant starting again from scratch. Find out how you can edit your ad text, thumbnail image, headline and link description. Doing so does come with a word of caution though – read on….

 What’s the PULSE on This?

  • Many advertisers have been complaining that they don’t have the ability to edit ads once set-up. Most don’t realise that they can do exactly that.
  • Jon recommends that you only make edits to ads in the early stages of creation and not long after an ad has been running so that you don’t skew your reporting data.
  • It is not advisable to use this feature to split test ads. If an ad is not performing you are better to create a new advert with new copy and imagery.

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#4 Facebook Announcement: What to Expect from New Sidebar Ads

Author: Facebook for Business

Why read this article?

Facebook has made an announcement on what advertisers can expect from the new look Sidebar Ads. Find out what’s in store with the roll out of this update.

What’s the PULSE on This?

  • Facebook have started to roll out bigger Sidebar Ads and this change is sure to give advertisers an opportunity to get better engagement on those ads.
  • Facebook say that tests show increased click through rates and engagement, this is likely to make these ad types more expensive
  • With increased competition and more targeting options advertisers should expect a decrease in the overall number of impressions but an increase in the quality of those impressions.

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#5 Updates to Facebook Pages Manager App

Author: Facebook for Business

Why read this article?

Facebook has launched new versions of the Pages Manager App on Android and iOS. Find out what changes are in the pipeline.

What’s the PULSE on This?

  • Pages Manager is getting a new look that will help managers with daily functionality and admin of their pages
  • The new design means that access to tools will be easier
  • Navigation has been improved and access to Insights will be faster and simplified

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Why you shouldn’t buy Facebook Likes

Why you shouldn’t buy Facebook Likes


A client recently said to me “We are an established business, carrying “top of the range” products, 50 Likes doesn’t look good! We could buy some to make it look better.” Don’t, PLEASE DON’T! 

Three simple reasons why you shouldn’t buy Facebook Likes:

  • Honesty (Scamming Your Own Business)
  • Value (Purchased Fans Don’t Increase Business)
  • Page Statistics (Bigger Numbers will show Lower Statistics)

I searched and it looks like you can buy 1000 UK (or so the say!) Likes for around £69.99, and it will take a week to complete.

Now here’s the part where you have to ask yourself about your social media strategy. I have a Facebook page so I can learn about my customers, their interests, passions, and their opinions on  services I provide. From this, I can learn from my customers, do I need to adjust, add or drop  services. How do i do this? I ask!

So I have 1000 new Likes on my page, I ask a question – I get the same amount of replies as i had before my new likes appeared. So that means, i’m no better off having those new likes. (Why you shouldn’t buy Facebook Likes).
I post a link to my website and track the clicks – no new traffic, no new sales, no better off. (Why you shouldn’t buy Facebook Likes).
I get to the end of the week and all of the following week, my statistics are down why is this? I have 1000 new likes, (I don’t like those RED downward arrows) Why is this not working? I’m no better off!! (Why you shouldn’t buy Facebook Likes)

Well; I’ll bet, most of your new likes are not real people, I have a program here that will create 60 fake Facebook profiles per hour, (No, i’m not telling you the name of the program, and don’t ask.) but this is what you have just bought – Numbers (1000). New page likes, no post likes, shares or comments. (MONEY WASTED)

I’ve watched a local page (Public house) jump 1000 Facebook fans per week over the past month, a page with over 7000 fans is lucky if they get 1 or 2 likes per post and zero comments, I’ve seen posts with no interaction at all. Complete madness. (Money Wasted)

So, 7000 fans cost (Going by above price) £489.93 if you made that your yearly budget to gather real likes from real people using Facebook adverts, you would spend less than £9.50 per week, but here’s the thing – you would be connecting with real people, leading to real statistics – which improves the relationships between you and your customers leading to improved profits and a better business.

BUY Facebook advertising before you buy Facebook Likes.

Tell us if you tried buying Facebook likes and how that worked out for you.

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How to claim your Facebook page Vanity URL

How to claim your Facebook page Vanity URL

I recently set up Facebook pages for a couple of local bands and in doing so i had to visit pages belonging to other bands. I was stunned to find that these pages were still using the URL that Facebook had given them.

  • www.facebook.com/pages/1234987650011

Imagine standing on a stage calling that out or having it printed on a poster or t-shirt? It’s not the easiest to remember! What most people don’t know; when you build a Facebook page and have more than 25 fans you can claim your own Facebook Vanity URL.

  • www.facebook.com/YOURNAME

Let me show you how to claim your Facebook Page Vanity URL

1. Visit https://www.facebook.com/username

Once you get there, you should see this.

2. Click on the “—Pages” drop-down and select the page you’re claiming the Vanity URL for.

3. Enter your desired Username – Keep it simple and branded and remember as it’s part of your URL it can’t have spaces or symbols.

Vanity Url

4. Check availability – This is where Facebook tells you if your desired username is available. If it isn’t already in use by another page then you should see the box below. If you have chosen a username that is already in use then you need to get creative. You could place a hyphen (-) or underscore (_) between the words and retry.


5. If the username you chose is available, then click “Confirm”. Facebook will show you a “Success” pop-up:


6. Click the “OK” button and that’s it. Your Facebook page now has an easy to remember Vanity URL.

As always

If you found this helpful or have any further queries, drop me a reply.


7 Benefits of Having a Fan Page on Facebook

7 Benefits of Having a Fan Page on Facebook

friend-profileWe’ve all done it, landed on a website, clicked their Facebook link to find that they’ve redirected you to a personal profile. I don’t know about you but I hate it. (And go no further!) Facebook has made it clear that it will be taking more aggressive steps to remove personal profiles used for business purposes. As a result, business owners who are using personal Facebook profiles to market their businesses are confronted with two choices: 1. Convert to a Fan Page, or 2. Risk deletion. Here are 7 benefits of having a fan page on Facebook.

1. Unlimited Fans

“I’ve all these people to talk to; they’re on my friend list so they must be interested in what I have to offer.” While we would all love it to be this easy, it isn’t! What you have is a load of people who hoard friends, for them it’s all about popularity; most of them won’t see your status updates never mind read them.

Facebook have placed a limit of 5000 friends on your personal profile page. (Why would you ever want to limit the amount of people who could view your content?) while your Fan Page can have an unlimited number of fans. Fans who have clicked your “Like Button” and because they have; you know for sure that they are interested in whatever you’re offering.

2. Search Engines

Using a Facebook Fan Page allows your business to be picked up and indexed by search engines. (Who dosen’t want to be found on Google?) I’ve recently watched a business (who doesn’t have a website) place a massive amount of time and resources on a personal Facebook page. Their friend count sits near 1000, but each post on average gets 3 likes. If this business had set up a Fan Page their contact details, photos of previous work and general keywords/phrases would have made them easier to find and accessible to people who don’t use Facebook.

3. Places & Checking In

By using a Facebook fan page you have the opportunity to connect your page to a place. This allows customers to check in, alerting their friends that they are at your business and providing them with a way to naturally promote you. This increases your engagement, not to mention your fan base. You want to show up on as many news-feeds as possible.

4. Facebook Insights

Facebook Fan Pages offer great analytics allowing you to track the amount of views a post receives and monitor your weekly reach, it allows you to understand your customer, what they like and don’t like, where they are from and when they are online. You can view your Total page Likes, daily active users, new Likes/Unlikes, demographics, page views, tab views, external referrers, media consumption. Along with interactions insights: Daily story feedback (Post Likes, Post comments, per post impressions), daily page activity (mentions, discussions, reviews, wall posts, video posts). None of this very useful information comes with a Personal profile. (Are you convinced yet? No……Read on!)

5. Facebook Tabs

facebook-tabsFacebook tabs are only provided on Fan Pages, they are a fantastic piece of real estate sitting prominently under your cover picture. With tabs you can show a video introduction, use apps, and provide a newsletter opt-in form; feature new products or special offers and run competitions. (Please don’t be tempted to run a “Like & Share Competition. Click HERE“) You can offer discounts or special offers which is only offered to your fans who have clicked the “Like Button”. (Hidden from non-likers)

6. Admin Connections

By granting select people access to your Fan Page, you avoid giving out your password to multiple people. You can chose what rights they have and what they can do within your Fan Page. This also prevents you from being locked out of your own account. (Unhappy employee changes password, your locked out.)

7. Website Widgets

Likebox, Facebook Log-in, Comment stream and Activity feed, these are all tools that Facebook provide for fan page owners to use on their websites. They provide an extra way for your customers to engage with you, your business and your Facebook Page.

If you found this helpful or have any further queries, drop me a reply.


Using images on Facebook Business Pages (Part 1 – Cover Photos)

Using images on Facebook Business Pages (Part 1 – Cover Photos)

Images on Facebook have a wide variety of uses, Cover photo, Profile image, App-buttons, status updates and as an accompaniment to links.
According to The Next Web (posted in January 2013) Facebook announced that it’s 1 billion users have uploaded a staggering 240 billion images. On an average basis, Facebook’s normal user would have more than 200 photos uploaded. This tells us that Facebook has become more of a visual social media.

Now that we know how often they are used; the question remains. Can we use them to drive more traffic to your website?

The answer to that is YES!

In Part 1 we will look at Facebook’s Cover Photo.
Facebook relaxed its rules on what can and cannot be used in your business page Cover Photo. Beforehand, you couldn’t have any prices or purchase information, no contact info or references to Facebook features and no calls to action. Now, you can! The one rule that does still apply is that your image cannot exceed 20% text.

Have a look at the examples below.


Increase Likes

Promote Brands

Promote Products

Promote Blogs

With these new changes we are now presented with more opportunities; your Cover Photo can now be more visually stimulating, making them more engaging to your Fans.

Cover Photos are exactly like any picture on Facebook when clicked on; they have a section to add a description. Here you can promote your Brand, a Product, Your Blog or to include links to specific offers such as ebooks, coupons, webinars, free gifts, or applications. This is a very useful piece of real estate that many Facebook Page owners don’t utilise properly. So ask your fans to Click It……

**Stuck for ideas? Why not use PicMonkey. The Image below was done in 30 seconds, but it can be fun to spend a bit of time there and try all the options.


If you found this helpful or have any further queries, drop me a reply.


How do I create a simple Facebook Marketing Plan?

How do I create a simple Facebook Marketing Plan?

Take all the strategies that you’ve learned about Facebook Marketing and put them into a simple but effective plan.

  1. How to get quality engaged fans?
  2. How to incorporate images to sell your brand?
  3. How to make MONEY from Facebook?

So what do we need to do first? Well the first thing we need is quality fans. Without these; it’s just not going to happen. Right? Well guess what?

YOU ALREADY HAVE THEM! – Yip, if you have TEN fans on your Facebook page, potentially, that’s ten people that you can turn into paying customers. Those ten people took the time to visit your Facebook Page and click your LIKE button. By doing so, those Ten people have already told you that they want to hear your message, they want to hear about your brand or your product.

Here’s a few simple ideas FB-Like-Box-Smallwhich could get your page a few more likes.
How many emails do you send out on a daily basis? 10/15 more? Well, why not have the URL to your Facebook Page in each of those emails? If you’re company has managers, supervisors, receptionists or whatever else, each email they send is a potential new Like on your Page. When someone visits your website, present them with a “Find us on Facebook” Like box, They don’t even have to go to Facebook to like it, the button is right there. Create business cards with a QR scan code. So many people are using the camera on their smart phones/tablets to scan these clever little barcodes, directing them straight to your Facebook page and closer to that like button. And the one that most people forget, and probably the simplest one of all. On your own “Friend” profile. The place where all your friends are, let them know you have an Facebook Page, ask them to Like It and Share It. For all you know, one of their friends could be looking for exactly what you’re offering right now.

Let’s take a minute to think about the pages that you have liked on Facebook, why are you there?

  • You want to hear about what’s new and what’s on offer.
  • You want them to answer your questions or like your comments.
  • You want to feel as if you’re part of their community.
  • You want to know, that if you read one of their posts that you can trust it as a source of information about that brand.

With all of the above in mind, it’s time to start promoting your brand.

Images. At the minute on Facebook, images generate 53% more likes than an average text post and users are more likely to engage with your brand if you use images. But we don’t want to just put an image on without some sort of reason for your fans to become engaged. And at the same time we don’t want to just ask them a direct question with a Yes or No answer.

I find the best way to get your fans involved is to pretend that they are all your best friends. You’re uploading a picture to your Facebook Page so that your best friends can have a look at it. So if you’re talking to your friends; then that means the conversation should also be friendly. Have a look at the image below from one of my favourite eateries, Gardiners G2 Restaurant in Magherafelt.


Here you can see how they use a simple picture of their excellent cheeseboard to promote the business, but that’s not all. The comment invites a reply. They are telling their “friends” “Hmmm, A nice glass of Red and a G2 Cheeseboard? I could go for that right now. 🙂“. It’s a brilliant conversation starter and the conversation starts almost instantly, fans start hitting the like button. So you can see what they have done here. Promoted the business with a nice picture, left the conversation open for their fans to join in. But that’s not all, they also came back and joined in with the conversation, they became a human being (rather than a brand) chatting with their friends. But they have used one more very clever trick. They tagged the in-house chefs in the picture, the people who created the meal, doing this extended the reach of the image to include the friend lists of the chefs.

But business pages can’t tag people, that’s true! So who-ever runs the page must have the chefs in his friend profile, then tagged them from his/her personal profile. I’ve used loads of simple wee strategies similar to this on pages i manage on Facebook and i can tell you, they really do work.

TIP: Own a bar/restaurant/coffee shop? Post a picture of your cocktail menu or your early bird menu in the late afternoon. By doing so, you’re planting a seed, you’re making your fans think “Maybe i’ll go there later”. Include links to your website under the conversation starter. Present them with options, if the picture isn’t what they’re looking for, then maybe they’ll find something which does by clicking the link.

There’s a load of excellent tools on the internet which will allow you to upload your own pictures and lay text over them to create promotional images. I LOVE PicMonkey and PicFont for this, though if you want to keep it simple, you could use SomeEcards or create a Wordle.


Facebook recently changed the rules on how we use our cover pictures, (The image at the top of your Facebook page) before we couldn’t promote offers, add contact details or ask for likes. Well that’s all changed, now we can do all of the above as long as we keep the text below 20% of the overall image. But here’s a great tip, use text like “Click Here” or “Learn More” in your cover picture. Your Cover Picture is the same as any other image on Facebook, when the image is clicked, you have an area where you can add a description. (Conversation Starter)

Use it, add a link to your website, your blog posts, create a give-away or  an opt-in to your subscriber list. Take them away from Facebook, give them a reason to visit your site. This creates traffic on your site, and as we all know traffic can lead to sales. They might not buy from you straight away, but if they have subscribed to your mailing list, or have followed your blog, then you have created a lead, you have a way of grabbing their attention, a way of contacting them directly with your next promotion or your next give-away.

Another way to create leads is to use Facebook Offers, If your Facebook page has more than 100 fans then you’ll have the option to create Facebook Offers.  Facebook-offers

As an example, you would use text like “Download a FREE copy of our Online Marketing Tips”, or “Cook like a Pro-Chef, FREE easy-to-follow recipes that will WOW any guest.”

When a fan, clicks the “Get Offer” button, an email is sent direct to their inbox from Facebook with a link stating “Click here to redeem your offer“. This is where you get your lead. When your fan clicks that link, it opens an opt-in page. The user must enter their name and email address for the offer to be sent directly to their email account. This is the only way Facebook allows you to get into a fans email account.

Now the thing about Facebook Offers is they’re going to cost you a bit of money. Not that much that it would break the bank, but still, done right, it’s really worth it. When you create an offer or an advert or boost a post, you’re asked to fill in the blanks, Select a target age group, a geographical area, male or female or choose from an interest list….

But here’s a fact not known by many. Precise-interestsThe Power Editor (Chrome users only) has an added option. It allows you to target fans from similar pages to yours. If you know the exact name of the page you can type it into the Precise Interests option box. This places your advert/offer directly under the noses of your target audience. Directly to fans who like similar pages to yours.

I’ve used this strategy many times and with only £30, we created around 550 leads, and then repeated the same strategy over and over. (If it works don’t fix it.)


So we’ve spoke about getting fans and creating leads, now what? Well, now we build trust, we’ve sent the Online marketing plan or the Cook like a pro-chef ebook. Now it’s time to set up an email auto-responder, a series of 3 or 4 emails that will add to what they initially signed up for, an added extra saying “Thanks for downloading our ebook, here’s another freebie”. (Part 1 of 3 or Part 1 of 4). Send all of these within the first 2 weeks. Then slowly (maybe once a month afterwards) start to introduce them to your other products, to different offers, when new products come in.

It might take some time but eventually you’ll start to see that the hard work you put in on Facebook is creating you sales and the best part of it, pause – repeat – profit. (Start all over again)

 If you found this helpful or have any further queries, drop me a reply.


How to merge duplicate business pages on Facebook

One question that I get asked regularly is “How do I merge duplicate pages of my business page on Facebook?”. Anyone who has a business were people can “check-in” often come across this problem. Mostly because users can’t find your FB page or they have spelt it wrong. But don’t stress, there is a way to claim the duplicate page and then merge it with the official page even if you are not the admin. Of course, Facebook will want to make sure you are, who you are, and not claiming a page that’s not yours. Follow the steps below….

How to merge duplicate business pages on Facebookimg1


1) Visit the place page that you wish to claim and click on the “Cog”. (Beside the Edit button). Then click on
Is this your business”.

2) Once “Is this your business?” is clicked a pop-up will appear, asking if you are the official representative of the business.

Check the box and then Continue.


3) The next pop-up shown will ask you to confirm your relationship to the business.
Fill in all the relevant information and click Continue.


4) Next, you will be asked to select the Email/Document in which Facebook can use to verify the information. Choose how you want to verify and click Submit. (For this i chose Email).


5) The last box that will show will display a dropdown box containing the email addresses connected to your Facebook account. Select your preferred Email address and click Submit.


That’s it, you will receive an email with a link to verify your account……. ‘Success’ job done.

Note: With the method I showed here, i was able to use an email address that includes the business’s name, (someone@BusinessName.co.uk). If you have a business email address, add it to Facebook. You can also use official documentation that has the business’s name, address and phone number on it.

If you found this helpful or have any further queries, drop me a reply.