How to merge duplicate business pages on Facebook

One question that I get asked regularly is “How do I merge duplicate pages of my business page on Facebook?”. Anyone who has a business were people can “check-in” often come across this problem. Mostly because users can’t find your FB page or they have spelt it wrong. But don’t stress, there is a way to claim the duplicate page and then merge it with the official page even if you are not the admin. Of course, Facebook will want to make sure you are, who you are, and not claiming a page that’s not yours. Follow the steps below….

How to merge duplicate business pages on Facebookimg1


1) Visit the place page that you wish to claim and click on the “Cog”. (Beside the Edit button). Then click on
Is this your business”.

2) Once “Is this your business?” is clicked a pop-up will appear, asking if you are the official representative of the business.

Check the box and then Continue.


3) The next pop-up shown will ask you to confirm your relationship to the business.
Fill in all the relevant information and click Continue.


4) Next, you will be asked to select the Email/Document in which Facebook can use to verify the information. Choose how you want to verify and click Submit. (For this i chose Email).


5) The last box that will show will display a dropdown box containing the email addresses connected to your Facebook account. Select your preferred Email address and click Submit.


That’s it, you will receive an email with a link to verify your account……. ‘Success’ job done.

Note: With the method I showed here, i was able to use an email address that includes the business’s name, ( If you have a business email address, add it to Facebook. You can also use official documentation that has the business’s name, address and phone number on it.

If you found this helpful or have any further queries, drop me a reply.